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Our hunting philosophy is rooted in teamwork,

ethics and a love of the outdoors. We believe in a fair chase and an athletic approach to our sport; a great reward from a great challenge. We guide archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts for elk and mule deer. No matter the tool, our approach to the hunt reflects our respect for the quarry and intrigue with the landscape. 



Please inquire for prices and package options.  Multi-day and day hunt options are available.

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Hunting the Lizard Head Wilderness: The north shoulder of Colorado’s iconic Wilson Peak is an apron of aspen, pine and fir draped over foothills, ridges, creek valleys and rocky outcrops. Lizard Head Wilderness is a non-motorized public access area. Trophy elk and deer are occasionally taken in the Wilderness, but the area is most well known for it’s pristine condition, rugged terrain, high elevation and stunning beauty. Successful hunting in this area requires strength, endurance, skill and patience.

BLM Lands of Unit 70E:  In addition to the Forest Service lands of the Lizard Head Wilderness, Telluride Hunting Guides now hunts the vast BLM lands of Unit 70E, covering much of the San Miguel watershed from the high country near Telluride to the piney side canyons of Saltado Creek and Beaver Creek, to the fantastic middle elevation forests in the Norwood area. This terrain contains hunting zones ranging from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet in elevation, allowing us to chase elk as they descend in the advancing fall season.  Countless side canyons, mixed timber parks, mesas and creek bottoms offer a compelling mix of habitats and opportunities.  Multiple access options allow us to hunt different areas within Unit 70 during a multi-day hunt.



Telluride Hunting Guides has expanded both private and public land options in Units 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 521, in addition to the vast BLM lands in the eastern section of Unit 70.  The result is a widely expanded menu of hunt options in Southwest Colorado in elevations ranging from tree line all the way down to 5,000 feet.  No matter the weather patterns, we can now pursue elk and mule deer through the entire range of their habitat, from Telluride to Norwood, Ridgway to Cerro Summit and Delta to Hotchkiss.



Telluride Hunting Guides will offer a limited number of trophy mule deer hunts on Unit 63 private lands for 2nd and 3rd season.  Private landowner tags are presently available for $2,000-$2,500 each for these special hunts.  Tags may also be acquired in the lottery, generally requiring 3 preference points to draw in this unit.


Travel, camp and logistics

Telluride Hunting Guides caters 5-day hunts with door-to-door service to and from our base camp. We’ll pick you up at the airport*, drive to camp, hunt for up to five days and either return you to the airport or to your desired destination near Telluride. Our camp lies at the edge of the Wilderness, reached by dirt road in just 40 minutes from Telluride. Our hunting is conducted entirely on foot. The hunter’s strength and endurance are just as important as shooting ability.

*Telluride, Montrose or Cortez airports

In camp: This is your vacation, so enjoy the finer aspects of hunting tradition while resting in camp. Telluride Hunting Guides is proud to cater some of the best food you’ll ever enjoy in the wild. Meals are prepared by professional chefs who serve an enticing menu that will enhance your experience and keep you hiking strong all the way back to camp each night. We serve delicious hot breakfasts every morning with fresh gourmet coffee and pack a nutritious lunch into the backcountry each day. We are also happy to honor special menu requests and arrange for the provision of alcohol and other beverages for our customers.

We utilize two spacious tents in our camp, one for dining and the other for sleeping. Our snooze tent is warmed by a wood-burning stove. Hunters rest in warm sleeping bags on comfortable cots. We take every measure to ensure a good night’s sleep for our hunters.


Day Hunts, Shorter Packages and No-Camp Options

Telluride Hunting Guides offers all of these and more.  Door-to-door service is provided for customers lodging in the greater Telluride area.  Please inquire for custom packages and pricing.  

2018 Hunt Seasons and Licenses*
Archery Elk & deer Aug. 25 - Sept. 23 unlimited (either sex)
Muzzleloader     Guided hunts are available during muzzleloading season for elk and deer, Sept. 8 Sept. 16, however licenses are by draw only. The application deadline is April 3rd, see for more information.

Elk 1st Season Oct. 13 - 17 (draw only)
Elk 2nd Season Oct. 20 - Oct. 28 unlimited bull only (plus deer, draw only)
Elk 3rd Season Nov. 3 - Nov. 11 unlimited bull only (plus deer, draw only)
Elk 4th Season Nov. 14 - Nov. 189 draw only or leftover cow
*note: leftover cow elk tags are commonly available for unit 70 for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons.

License Fees

Archery Elk (either sex): Resident $49.00 Non-Resident $629.00
Archery Deer (either sex): Resident $34.00 Non-Resident $379.00

Rifle Elk: Resident $49.00 (either sex) Non-Resident bull $629.00, cow $469.00
Rifle Deer: Resident $31.00 (either sex) Non-Resident $379.00 (either sex)


Telluride Hunting Guides
is proud to partner with the North Rim Hunt Club to offer bird hunting from August-March near the Gunnison river.  North Rim Hunt Club leases thousands of acres of classic pheasant and chukar cover as well as several miles on the North Fork Gunnison for goose and duck hunts.  The club's classic hunting lodge is located near the West Slope town of Hotchkiss, in the shadow of the spectacular West Elk Mountains.  Your hunting day will include warm-up rounds on the sporting clays course and hunts on at least two different fields or river sections with a delicious lunch served at the lodge between hunts.  You'll hunt with the best guides and dogs on the West Slope.

~ Full day waterfowl or upland bird hunt: $825/pp (includes sporting clays, lunch, firearm and ammo)
~ Half day waterfowl or upland hunt $450/pp
~ Upland bird choices include pheasant, chukar and hungarian partridge
~ Waterfowl choices include ducks and geese
~ Upland bird season: September 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018
~ Waterfowl season: dates tba


* Telluride Hunting Guides offers elk, mule deer and turkey hunts. We do not guide or allow predator hunting, including bear, mountain lion, coyote and other species.

Links: Telluride Outside, Colorado Division of Wildlife


Telluride Hunting Guides is an equal opportunity service provider operating on special use permits with the National Forest Service in the Uncompahgre National Forest, as well as Bureau of Land Management permits throughout Southwest Colorado.  All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under a special use permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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