Meet the Guides

Troy Youngfleish


Troy Youngfleish, co-owner, has been living and chasing Elk in the Telluride region for the past 18 years. As an avid bow hunter, one of his greatest thrills is getting up close and personal with the magnificent animals of the Rocky Mountains. He especially enjoys the "talk and stalk" aspect of hunting bulls in the rut and loves to share this experience with others.


Kris Knackendoffel


As a western Colorado native, Kris’ passion for the outdoors began at an early age. He grew up in Grand Junction where he pursued waterfowl and upland birds along the Colorado River corridor. While working for his biology degree at Fort Lewis College in Durango he discovered the challenge of big game archery hunting and has never looked back. Since then he has logged a multitude of seasons hunting and scouting the San Juan Mountains for elk and mule deer. What he loves most about hunting the San Juan’s steep and rugged terrain are the strong animal populations, low hunting pressure and true wilderness experiences. Kris brings a diversity of experience and skill to the backcountry. He spends his summers in Telluride working as a fishing and whitewater guide and winters as a ski racing coach and mountaineer.


Wyatt Listrom


Wyatt Listrom has been hunting and guiding the western slope of Colorado for the last five years. He is particularly keen to hunting high-alpine basins and tree line areas. He is an experienced caller and loves sharing the elk hunting experience with others.


Roy Jackson


Roy started hunting at a very young age with his father for elk, mule deer and black bear. He was born and raised in Colorado and has been a guide for big game for the last five years. Roy enjoys meeting other hunters, the thrill of calling in a bull elk and sharing the opportunity to hunt the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


Carl Houser

Carl Houser is originally from South Carolina and a lifelong outdoorsman. After graduating from College of Charleston in 2009, he moved to Telluride to chase his outdoor dreams. For the past decade he has avidly explored the Western Slope. Whether it's fishing, rafting, skiing or hunting, Carl does it all, but if you ask him his true favorite, it is the pursuit of big game. He has an immense respect for elk and is highly passionate about hunting.


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